NBA 2K11

NBA 2K11

NBA 2K11 is this year's version of the best basketball simulation game
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NBA 2K11 is this year's version of the best basketball simulation game. This time around, 2K Sports reached out to the best player of all times to create a unique experience and to attract more players. Michael Jordan is the star of this game and a whole new mode is dedicated to him. There are quite a few challenges to complete, which put you in the shoes of His Airness. You play as Jordan and have to relive some of the greatest moments in his career.

But the game is not all about His Airness. All the modes from the last versions are there and some have been improved upon quite considerably. The game mode that deserves most awards is "My Player". Both training and actual gameplay have been improved to make the experience more realistic and streamlined. There are now injuries and more obstacles for players to overcome.

Actual gameplay has also been improved. The computer AI is smarter than ever and it will adapt to the way you or other opponents play. Your teammates will not go out of bounds for no apparent reason and passing has been improved, so that those automatic passes are no longer possible, that results in more realistic gameplay. The graphics engine looks a little better but not too much. It is in the fluidity of the game that you realize the game is better. The controls have also been redesigned and the ISO moves and post moves are different this year. It takes a bit to learn them, but once you do, the game is a whole different thing. You have more control over your player than ever.

With the delay that has suffered NBA Elite 2011, NBA 2K11 is the only basketball simulation game out there. It certainly will gain an edge this year, more than in previous years.

I am loving this game. The graphics are amazing, online play is better than ever and the Jordan mode is very challenging and fun to play.

José Fernández
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